Texas Guided Quail Hunts

What To Expect

A gentleman’s Hunt. Dirty Texas Outfitter’s quail hunts are conducted over professionally trained German Shorthaired Pointers and English Setters. The hunt includes a mix of wild Scaled quail and Bob White quail. We also provide strategically placed pen raised quail to supplement the numbers and give our customers the best experience. Come experience a covey rise with the Dirty Texas Outfitters Crew.

* GRATUITIES: Tips for your guides and crew have long been a tradition since the beginning of the industry. Typically, 10-15% of the hunt cost is standard and spread out among those who went out of their way and worked extra hard to make your hunt special and enjoyable. Please bring cash if you plan on tipping.

Guided Quail Hunt Package

$370 per person per hunt

Hunting Package Info

    • Minimum of 2 Hunters to Book a Hunt
    • The Hunt Includes a Mix of Wild Scaled and Bob White Quail
    • This Includes Bird Cleaning, Vacuum Sealing, and Federally Tagged Birds for Transport Through Our Cold Storage Facility

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